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Entrant: FRED & FARID, Paris
Prodiss - "Ma place est dans la salle", "Ma place est dans la salle"

Corporate Name of Client: Prodiss

Client Supervisors: Laurent Bentata/Arnaud Cazet

PR / Marketing Executives: Jalila Levesque/Marie-Julie Lorenzo/Aliou Maro

Agency Account Supervisors: Fred & Farid/Philippine Mesmin/Lucas Montenoise

Agency: FRED & FARID, Paris

Chief Creative Officer: Fred & Farid

Executive Creative Director: Olivier Lefebvre

Creative Directors: Stephane Gaubert/Thierry Buriez

Copywriters: Etienne Renaux/Julien Pierre Mallet/Nicolas Berthier

Art Directors: Etienne Renaux/Julien Pierre Mallet/Nicolas Berthier/Wentao Zhang

Agency Producers: Jeremie Woog/Robin Demoucron

Agency Print Producers: Christophe Convert/Maryline Segato

Agency Digital Producers: Arthur Gaudrie/Johanna Mangote/Emmanuel Clavier

Description of the Project:
November 13 2015, The ‘Bataclan’, a concert hall in Paris is attacked during a performance. An ideological attack against France, its culture and way of life.
One month after these tragic events, the French people were still traumatized.
In terms of attendance to shows, the decline nearly reached 80%.
In only 10 days, working alongside for free, printers and producers mobilized and a real act of solidarity appeared. A symbolic slogan that called for every Parisian, every French person to return to performances in a sign of resistance and struggle against the fear. Concert halls and theaters decided to unite and change the name of their shows to one unique slogan : MA PLACE EST DANS LA SALLE (MY PLACE IS AT THE SHOW) : More than 150 shows changed their name.
We changed billboards and posters by adding our slogan. More than 250 artists invited to see the show posted video from their own social media accounts to help spark viral word-of-mouth and fuel media coverage for the launch of the campaign.
The target was the French people that used to go to out (theater, ballet, shows) but not only them. We aimed at 66 million French people and foreigners supporting them as well.
DURING THE NIGHT OF DECEMBER 18: All the shows were fully booked. Parisians shared through social medias their pictures of the posters and the shows. We relayed it all night long and mass media publications also joined the movement.
> #MaPlaceEstDansLaSalle became the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter. Even the mayor of Paris and the French Minister of Culture tweeted about the campaign. The operation resonated beyond our borders and we received messages of solidarity from all over the world.
> +171 Million twitter impressions in 24 hours
> + €1,8 Million earned media in 24 hours
> 2,38M press reviews