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Media Innovation


Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico, San Juan
Triple-S Advantage - "38 Years Later"

Corporate Name of Client: Triple-S Healthcare

Media Company: OMD, San Juan

PR / Marketing Company: J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico, San Juan

Agency Senior Account Executive: Omara Ortiz

Agency Planning Director: Luis P. Toledo

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico, San Juan

Chief Creative Officer: Jaime Rosado

Associate Creative Director: Fernando Rosario

Copywriter: Sandra Rosario

Art Director: Obed Varela

Executive Agency Producer: Noro Sebastián

Agency Music Producer: Carlos Dávila

Production Company: Latitude 18 Films, San Juan

Director: Edmundo Rodríguez

Senior Executive Producer: Santos Rivera

Post-Production Company: Hocus Pocus, San Juan

Editing Facility: J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico, San Juan

Editors: Mizael Morales/Ángel De León

Audio Engineer: Carlos Dávila

Description of the Project:
Puerto Rico’s main media outlets still use traditional advertising methods. Brand messages are mostly limited to 30-second spots. Unconventional ideas often get killed due to these restrictions.
To complicate matters, the largest local stations are owned by US Hispanic networks. Programming often comes from other markets, making locally produced content increasingly scarce.
Puerto Rico is a US territory. Due to restrictions imposed by the US government, health insurance companies had to change their offerings for the 65+ population. As a result, differentiation among companies would be reduced dramatically. Therefore, when Triple-S, the leading company in this category, had to launch the newest version of their senior health plan, and communicate those changes, it had to do it in a way so innovative as to make clear to consumers it was the only company that truly understands their ever-changing health needs.
Maintain affiliate retention above 85% and drive new subscriptions.
Creative Idea:
Triple-S brought back the highest-rated Puerto Rican TV program of all time: a beloved telenovela from 1978 called Cristina Bazán. At that time, the series was so huge that it launched the protagonists’ careers into celeb stardom. In partnership with Telemundo, the network that originally aired the show, we reunited the original cast, reshot the iconic opening sequence to use it as the brand’s main TV and filmed a new 2-hour episode, in which the audience saw how much the protagonists have changed and evolved through the years, just like them, and just like their health needs.
It was a first for the industry. We redefined the category by producing great relevant content for an audience that is too often ignored.
People aged 65 and older are often ignored by the entertainment industry. Puerto Rican TV networks supply programming that does not necessarily speak to them directly. They still watch it, but often reminiscence about the golden age of television during the 70s. That was a time when local stations produced most of their shows, especially their telenovelas.
So, in an unprecedented partnership, Triple-S teamed up with Telemundo to create new content relevant for this audience. We brought back the most beloved TV program of all time, 38 years after it ended, to show the changes the protagonists have undergone through their lives, drawing a parallel with the audience’s lives.
We also reshot the iconic opening sequence, complete with the same theme song, to use them as the brand’s main TV ad.
At the same time, the protagonists starred in an all-media campaign.
For months, Telemundo developed new branded special programming around the telenovela, as well as a massive promotional campaign that brought the legendary show back into the country’s spotlight. This drove excitement levels to new heights.
Finally, on February 8th, days before St. Valentine’s Day, the network transmitted the new episode, called Cristina Bazán: The Real Finale, in its prime time slot.
The sequel instantly became the highest-rated Puerto Rican program in its time slot. It drew 17.7 rating points in households, according to Nielsen.
People were following the action and commenting on real time, drawing hundreds of Twitter mentions and Facebook posts. A number of them were from people younger than 65 years. This let us know that the episode had also captured the attention of a younger segment that act as influencers when the time comes for their parents and grandparents to choose an insurance health plan.
The episode and the campaign have generated over $11 million in revenue from new sign-ups, and have helped Triple-S retain an industry-leading 90% of the plan’s membership.
It also surpassed Ipsos effectiveness indexes in up to a 150%.