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Experiential Marketing


Entrant: ADK, Tokyo
Toyota Hybrid - "Toyota Barista"

Corporate Name of Client: Toyota Motor Corporation

Agency Account Executive: Akira Takahashi

Agency: ADK, Tokyo

Creative Director: Fumitaka Takano

Copywriters: Satoshi Otsuka/Hirokazu Matsushige/Ryusuke Dohi/Hiroyuki Kubo/
    Takuya Sejima

Art Director: Hiroyuki Kubo

Designer: Hiroyuki Kubo

Production Managers: Kenji Aritomo/Kazunori Kato/Kintaro Asato

Illustrator: Michael Lam

Art: Ryo Nobuka

Digital Designers: Masayuki Iizuka/Satoshi Shirai

Production Company: TYO drive, Tokyo

Director: Kensaku Kakimoto

Executive Producer: Shunichi Takano

Director of Photography: Masaya Nakahara

Lighting: Tetsu Moritera

Editors: Hiroki Yamaoka/Yuta Miyagi

Hair & Make-Up Artist: Kaori Ichikawa

Casting Director: Mizuki Horiuchi

Description of the Project:
TThe 24 hours of Le Mans is the battleground for cutting-edge hybrid technologies. Through this race, Toyota is developing its unique “energy recovery system”, which has also contributed to the improvement of mass-produced cars. However, this technology was a term only for racing geeks and too complicated to explain to the general public.
So Toyota organized a live event named “TOYOTA BARISTA”. A racing car which was brought into the venue ran through a virtual Le Mans circuit and recovered the energy, then the recovered energy was utilized to power cooking appliances. The amount of recovered energy was demonstrated by serving breakfast to 171 people.
Over 180 media articles in 20 countries covered this news. The movie that filmed this event was played over 3 million times on YouTube in 212 countries. Toyota dealers also utilized this film globally to increase showroom traffic.
Social concern toward hybrid technology was raised again through publicity for this campaign. And as a result, the new model of the mass-production hybrid car Prius received 5 times more pre-orders than expected.