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Poster Campaign

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Tohoku Shinkansen - "Slow Train, Slow Life - Get Back, Tohoku. - 1", "Slow Train", " Slow Life.- Get Back", " Tohoku. - 2", "Slow Train", " Slow Life. - Get Back", " Tohoku. - 3", "Slow Train", " Slow Life.- Get Back", " Tohoku. - 4"

Corporate Name of Client: EAST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY

Client Account Manager: Etsuko Ogiuchi

Agency Account Executive: Nao Namura, Dentsu Inc.

Media Planner: Tokyo

Agency: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo

Creative Director: Takuma Takasaki

Copywriters: Hiroshi Ichikura/Waca Sakamoto

Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi

Agency Producer: Koji Wada

Design Company: Creative Power Unit, Tokyo

Designers: Daisuke Hatakeyama/Masashi Fujita

Illustration Company: Bureau Kida SARL, SARL

Illustrator: Philippe Weisbecker

Printing Director: Shinya Tamura

Artist Agent: Natsuko Kida

Description of the Project:
The Tohoku Region, the northeastern area of Japan, was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami disasters in 2011.
We believed that the best way to support the reconstruction of the area was to attract people to re-visit the area.
In order to inspire the region with the joy of travel, we decided to spotlight the local railways in area that usually operate in the shadows.They are often considered as simply a means of transport.
In this campaign they are treated as main characters; taking centre stage and successfully infusing a new breath of life into Tohoku travel.
We rediscovered the brand value that has been otherwise ignored and turned this untapped potential into something more tangible with the power of design.